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Our story

I have started Ace Health Care in 2017 to make sure our patients finally find what they are looking for. When you regularly treat patients who are the majority of the time lovely ladies who like to chat, you get a very real insight into what products are available on the market and what kind of remedies people crave. I realized that my female patients all tend to have similar issues, which start with sore feet and end with dry hard skin, corns, and calluses. The aches and pains don’t stop there. A lot of my female clientele complain about aching legs and sore backs due to the perils of fashion shoes with the standard response of “I wish I would have taken care of my feet before they got to this stage of pain.

Patients would consistently ask me about moisturizers that work well on neglected feet and aren’t packed with toxic chemicals but still smell nice. And then there are the same people complaining about back pain and sore feet who would scream for insoles that are easily transferable between shoes no matter if they are about to go dance the night away on the weekend, spend a day in sandals by the beach or swap their dress shoes for runners after work. A one size fits all insole that helps with nagging injuries like back and heel pain, spurs, and plantar fasciitis or just eradicates sore feet.

Many nights I would go home and search the internet for the kind of things my patients were concerned about with no real breakthrough. I was surprised because most of the creations available on the market today aren’t functional enough. The concepts I found were either out-dated, directed at a very small segment of the population or completely disregard the needs and fashion of the modern woman of today. I started to ask myself what if we could create alternatives that address an entire population without sacrificing functionality, comfort, and style, which lead to the creation of ACE Health Care. The idea behind ACE Health Care is to provide aid and comfort to active women of all ages in all situations of their daily lives. Whether you enjoy the silky smooth feeling of our organic moisturizer foot crèmes to nurture your aches and pains or you trust our cutting edge insoles to get you through the day, ACE Health Care guarantees revolutionary engineering and Australian expertise.

What's Next

ACE Health Care is committed to continuing the making of innovate products for our customers. Every product we offer is carefully hand picked by leading podiatrists with customer requests in mind. We believe in integrating our patients into the design process of our products enables us to create premium products next to none when it comes to comfort, style, and functionality.

We hope you enjoy our products and encourage you to keep feeding us with requests. It is our promise to continue to evolve, integrating real patient requests with true Australian ingredients and precise quality.

Best wishes,
Michael Luker
Director and Founder

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