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All customer orders will be shipped via Australia Post by Standard Shipping (5-8 business days)

Note that orders placed after 9am AEST will be dispatched the following day.

All international orders will be delivered via Tracked Standard Shipping (7-12 business days)* or via DHL Express (2-4 business)* at a cost depending on your location and product purchased.

*Note that all shipping times exclude clearance / customs delays.

You will receive a confirmation email including your tracking number once your order has been dispatched. If you don’t receive a tracking number or have any other questions regarding your shipment please fill out the form below.

The customer is required to pay all charges that might occur on international shipments to receive products. These additional costs can be paid or reimbursed by ACE Health Care. For more information please see the duty calculator here

We are committed to delivering only premium products to our customers. However, we are all humans and mistakes can happen from time to time. If you feel the product you have purchased has a defect and needs to be returned please contact us by filling out the form below and we will get back to you to resolve the issue.


The idea behind our products is to provide premium quality products with customer requests in mind. All of our products are carefully designed by Australian Health professionals using only the best ingredients and engineering. All of our products have been put through extensive testing and guarantee that we would never sell anything that we would not apply, wear or choose for ourselves.

We don’t find customers for our products – We find products for our customers. Always – That’s our Promise.

For our creams we are only using natural ingredients, farmed and sourced in Australia. We never add artificial colours, parabens, phthalates or petroleum byproducts to any of our products. Our products are 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly.

If you’ve had allergic reactions in the past, we recommend you are consulting a qualified health professional for precautionary reasons first. A list of ingredients can be found on product packaging.

Yes they do. Generally sealed and unopened bottles are effective for three years and each of our products is marked with an expiration date at the top of the bottle.

Although all ingredients are natural our creams feel much better on your skin than in your tummy or in your eyes.

  • Apply twice a day to clean, dry skin on your feet
  • Once skin is repaired, use daily to maintain soft skin and heels.

We encourage you to do so! The revolutionary adhesive bottom prevents the insole from slipping and allows you to transfer them between shoes.

Use warm water to clean insoles. Leave them to drip dry after

If your gel orthotics lose grip over time just rinse them under warm water and leave them to drip dry.

It can take up to two weeks to notice the full effect of our gel insoles. We recommend you wear them for 30mins – 60min for the first day and increase time at your discretion over a period of two weeks.

Our gel insoles are extra slim and are designed to fit a large array of different shoe types. However, we recommend you always try on new shoes using your gel orthotics for best fit.

Our gel insoles fit best in sandals, heels, flats, thongs and more. They are designed to provide support and comfort for daily use.

Our gel orthotics offer support and comfort and can help reduce foot pain when used in combination with appropriate treatment provided by a medical professional.

We strongly recommend you do! While most people only experience pain in one of their feet, legs or knees, you need to wear both orthotics to keep your body in balance and your hips aligned.

The key is the medium medical gel component. It makes our gel insoles supportive and “giving” at the same time depending on where and how you apply pressure to your foot. Our gel orthotics are designed and tested to provide shock absorption to the feet, ankles, knees back and hips. Our cutting edge engineering process using lightweight materials and unique cuts make our insoles more comfortable and natural compared to hard custom-made podiatrist orthotics.

We recommend you change your gel orthotics every 9-12 months depending on how often you wear them and the level of activity you engage in. The more time you spend on your feet the faster we recommend you to replace your gel insoles.

Our revolutionary gel orthotics has helped customers from around the world with great success. Although every situation is different our gel insoles are designed and tested to assist, reduce and/or eliminate a large array of common customer complaints.

Our ACE gel orthotics are designed and tested to address common injuries like heel spurs, Plantar Fascilitis, bunions, callous and corns, achilles tendonitis, ball of foot pain, Morton’s neuroma. In addition our cutting edge gel orthotics address problems in the legs, knees and back caused due to poor foot biomechanics.

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