The best arch support shoes

best arch support shoes

Being women sometimes you’re not able to wear runners. You need to wear something a bit more fancy and dressy. You cant wear your runners and sports great for every occasion although you would probably want too. In this paragraph, we have picked a few of  the best arch support shoes, that we would recommend for these times.

Our best picks for best arch support shoes

  1. Vionic – Firstly, Vionic. Vionic was founded by an America podiatrist. From starting off making custom insoles he turned his hand to designing shoes with built in support, that could be used for the working woman. Vionic shoes as mostly designed with a deeper inside that allows for the addition of extra rear foot control, arch support and cushioning. They have a range of different styles to choose from. Heels, flats, sandals and thongs (flipflops). This makes sure you are ready for every different occasions
  2. Ziera – Secondly, Ziear. Zieara was founded in 1946 by New Zealand podiatrists, the began measuring women’s feet. From these measurements they started a shoe brand that had better contour and fitting that other shoes available. Taking fashionable shoes and applying extra added support and comfort was a huge hit. This lead to them growing and being available throughout all of New Zealand and Australia.
  3. Bared – Thirdly, ,Bared. bared footwear is pretty new to shoes, and shoes in general. However, after lunching only a few years ago in Australia the have quickly become well know in the footwear world. Australian podiatrists now stock bared as well as some of the most popular women’s supportive shoe footwear stores. Made from good quality materials, like the others have hidden depth within the shoe. This allows extra space for arch puppet and cushioning.


In conclusion, Fashionable arch support shoes are now readily available throughout Australia. Podiatrists and comfort shoe stockists are the most common place to pick them up. If you have other shoes that don’t have arch support them maybe add it via our gel insoles. 


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