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Gel insoles

Gel insoles or orthotics can not only add comfort to shoes but also help relieve pain. Many ladies fashion shoes such as heels, sandals and flats can cause a lot of pain, injuries and discomfort. They do not contain much support or cushioning. Thats why we created this brilliant product. The gel insoles add extra cushioning to the  heel and ball of the foot. They then have a good amount of arch support to help offload  these areas. with less weight going through your heel and ball of your foot, it can help reduce fatigue and injury. Orthotic have long been used inside of shoes but can often be too large to fit into other shoes apart from runners or fully enclosed shoes. That doesn’t alway work in the real world where women still have to present in a certain way for certain things.

Invisible gel insoles for open shoes and heels

Our gel insoles / orthotics work by the redistribution of pressure by supporting under the arch. The carefully thought out arch shape comes from time of using pressure maps and different footwear to come up with the ultimate shape to provide support and comfort. Bellow is images of pressure maps with walking and standing.

What do these show?

You will see that when wearing the insoles there is a larger area of green. The green is lower pressure. This increase in green means that areas of your foot such as the ball of your foot and you heels will be far less sore, tired and fatigued. This helps increase your comfort and enables you to spend longer on your feet.

How do the gel insoles work? How do the gel insoles work?How do the gel insoles work? How do the gel insoles work?



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