Summer holidays and workouts don’t really like each other

Summer holidays and workouts

Summer holidays and workouts do not always go well together. Keeping up to date with your work out regimen is hard enough but keeping up with your routine while on the road makes life a hell of a lot harder. Being away from your local gym or favourite running spot can sure drain your motivation to keep up the work while away but we have some good news for you. One of our staff members recently spent a few weeks traveling around Europe eating gelato, drinking wine and of course working out.  She was kind enough to write down a few tips and tricks to stay healthy while soaking up the European sun.


Bring your running shoes for your Summer holidays workouts!

It doesn’t matter where you go; there is always an option to run. In fact, a holiday away from your favourite gym is the perfect excuse to work on your cardio.  Let’s say you usually spend 3-4 days, 45minutes at the time at the gym going through your training program. While it might be hard to free up 45 minutes, 3-4 days to go to a gym you like, in a city you don’t know you can use that time (or some of it) to go for a run along the beach or in a park nearby. Most of us tend to neglect running to include into our weekly training program and being on holidays can actually be the perfect time to give your cardio training some much-needed love.


Find a Franchise!

If you think you can’t be without going to the gym and sweat your butt off, then we suggest you do your homework before you go away. Check online for gyms in the country /ies you will visit and make sure you spend your money on a gym that’s part of a franchise with several locations throughout the country. Our Marketing gal spent 3.5 weeks in Spain and purchased a one-month membership for $45 at a gym called Altafit with locations in all major Spanish cities. She started her Spanish adventure in Madrid where she got her membership and worked out every day in cities like Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Ibiza and San Sebastian.

If your urge of traveling in Europe isn’t satisfied by visiting one country, then we suggest you check out Mcfit. Mcfit is taking on Europe by storm and have set ups in almost every major European city for a pretty reasonable monthly fee.


Free is always better

If you are traveling on a tight budget and you much rather want to spend your hard earned travel money on tapas and sangria, then a body weight home workout is what you need. It is not only free, but there is also an abundance of resources available online that have you covered while on the road. Use what you have available in your hotel room, dorm or caravan park for your workout. You might not see it yet, but the chair in your room might come in handy to work out your glutes. See it for yourself if you don’t believe us CLICK HERE


Give yourself a break

So you are going away for a four weeks trip of a life time and worry about your workouts. Well, don’t! Just enjoy it and go with the flow. Don’t stress about not having a workout routine for the next four weeks because if you are, then there is a high chance you follow your regiment religiously when at home. Drink the drinks you want and eat the food you desire without a care in the world. Treat your soul and hit the gym hard again once you are back at home. If you do dress ups don’t forget to use our gel insoles.




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