9 reasons why you want Coconut for your fruit salad, in a yoghurt and on your skin!

9 reasons why you want Coconut for your fruit salad, in a yoghurt and on your skin!

In this blog you will learn 9 reasons why you want Coconut for your fruit salad, in a yoghurt and on your skin! Coconut is taking over the world, and that's for a good reason. It has hundreds of health benefits not only for your organ systems but your entire body too. Whether you like coconut flakes in your cereals or love the smell of your skin here are nine reasons why you should jump on the coconut bandwagon right now.

1.    Soft, hydrated skin

Coconut oil is a natural ingredient that helps the body to balance skin moisture levels, preventing dry and cracked skin.

2.    Natural Sunscreen

Coconut Oil is a natural sun blocker and valued at SPF 7.1. While it doesn’t cover you from sunburns if you lay down by the beach tanning all day, it provides some protection for your face.

3.    Reduces the risk of cancer

Coconut oil possesses anti-microbial properties that may help modulate inflammation indirectly and modulate cancer risk.

4.    Wound healing

Unlike vitamin E coconut oil is a proven ingredient that nourishes the replenishment of your skin.

5.    Anti-microbial

Coconut contains anti-microbial properties to not only keep your skin clean but to reduce the risk of infections.

6.    Anti-fugal 

It can help to treat and prevent fungal infection.

7.    Anti- inflammatory

Coconut oil is great to reduce inflammation of skin rashes

8.    Pain reducing

Demonstrates to have analgesic and fever-reducing properties. A perfect natural alternative to Panadol and other artificial pain killers.

9.    Anti – ulcer

Interestingly, coconut milk (which includes oil components), shows to be as effective as an anti-ulcer agent. Goes to show, Coconut oil s an excellent health-booster and extremely beneficial to diabetics and people with reduced blood flow.

Are you convinced yet? It’s crucial to make sure you know what you are applying to you skin to get the best rewards. Ace Health Care’s Lux30 moisturizer contains everything you need to have your skin look healthy and feeling soft. 

Are you a coconut fan already or need some more convincing? – Check out the references below for plenty more facts.


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