foot care tips for winter

foot care tips for winter

Winters coming! Along with it comes a lot of different issues from summer. Heres some home foot care tips for winter to keep your feet safe and soft.

Home foot care tips for winter

  1. Dry your shoes – winter can sometimes bring a lot more rain than summer. It also means that things don’t dry as quickly with the temperature lower. When shoes are left moist they can bread more bacteria and fungus. This results in a higher risk of infections. Make sure you thoroughly dry your shoes before you wear them each time.
  2. Keep them warm – Cold winters mean a higher risk of chill blains. Chill blains occur due to a lack of blood flow due to low temperatures. Blood vessels constrict and cause a lack of oxygen to the tissues. Use wool or cotton socks to keep them warm at night. You can also use creams like deep heat on your toes to help with blood flow. During the day keep enclosed shoes and socks on.  You could also try a foot warmer.
  3. Fit your shoes correctly – In winter wearing enclosed shoes in the norm. Many people enjoy wearing slip on’s. Slip sons tend to be a little tighter than your average lace-up shoe so that the shoe does not slip off your foot. Make sure the shoe has enough room so that you do not develop corns or callous.
  4. Exercise – With cold weather comes to a reduction in blood flow to your feet. Make sure you keep exercising to maintain good circulation.
  5. Moisturiser – Summer or winter, make sure you are applying a good moisturizer to your feet. Maybe try our LUX30!
  6. Wear socks in your shoes – Going without socks allows your feet to sweat right into your shoes. It also means skin will scrape off and settle into the fabric. Moist sweaty shoes full of skin obviously results in a shoe full of infections and fungus. Make sure you wear socks and that you wash your socks every day. If you do have very sweaty feet, then change them twice per day.

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