Out of stock of the worlds best foot moisturizer


I’m sorry to say that we are out of stock of the world’s best foot moisturizer! Due to COVID-19 we have experienced delays in getting our next shipment. There is currently an increased shortage of urea in Australia which has also lead to a massive spike in urea prices. With urea being one of our most important ingredients, we can’t afford to have anything but the best medical-grade ingredients. This helps us to produce the best foot moisturizer available today.

New Design for the world’s best foot moisturizer!

With the delay of the best foot moisturizer has given us a chance to also have a look at our design and branding. We are constantly trying to improve our product and make it more acceptable to purchase a foot moisturizer.  Just like any sort of fashion each season has a slightly different color scheme or design. We are not here just to produce a great product but also keep it up to date with fashion changes.

New logo

Just like any company sometimes something fresh can help revamp a brand. We felt as though our logo didn’t resemble our culture and target audience. We felt as if it were to sports and technology branded and not feminine enough. We needed a logo that was as good as our product and something that women could resonate with a little more. Our great graphic designer did a fantastic job of redesigning the logo and the bottle.

So when is it available?

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 release dates keep getting pushed back. What started as mid-may is now back at the end of June. This means that you’re going to have to wait that little bit longer to get your hands on the world’s best foot moisturizer. As soon as we have our hands on some we will let everybody know! In the meantime keep checking back. If you have more questions feel free to contact us!

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