You would be COCO-NUTS not to try Luxe30!

coconut foot moisturiser

It’s no secret that nobody like’s a medical moisturizer for their feet, subscribed by a doctor. It’s more of a “must” apply rather than “I want to use” it approach, and often patients stop using it after a while. The medical creams usually have an awkward feel and smell not really inviting. Often branding of the product is towards the person recommending it and does not resonate with the end user.

Most foot moisturizers are designed the same way, until now…..

Our LUXE30 has all the properties of an excellent medical foot cream but also looks feels and smells fantastic! Once you try it, you won’t use anything else.


Here are a few points why you should try it as well.



Who doesn’t love the smell of coconut? Enough said!



A moisturizer that doesn’t feel too oily or greasy. It soaks into the skin leaving a refreshed soft feeling.



Urea is a compound that puts moisture back into the skin. Most skin creams will have a Urea percentage of 15-25% based on research focusing on European Markets. The results show that 25% is required to put moisture back into the skin while 10%-15% is needed to maintain it. So, why do we have 30% you ask. Australia has a hot climate, things dry out a lot faster here. People also wear open shoes a lot more, which means that something stronger is needed to get the same results. The higher Urea percentage makes our cream one of the most functional moisturizers to get quick results here in Australia.



These compounds apply a layer to the skin to prevent the evaporation of water to keep the skin hydrated for longer.


Beauty meets science

Our branding perfectly blends the boring medical part with fashion, and unlike other medical products, people won’t feel embarrassed to buy and use it.


All natural

All natural ingredients mean that you have nothing to worry about regarding allergic reactions, cancer causes and more.

The days are gone where you find yourself embarrassed, trying to buy a horrible looking, funny smelling and most often not-really-working foot cream to nurture your feet. Taking care of your feet has never been this fun – try it for yourself. Try LUXE30

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