Check out these health benefits from a compound you probably never heard of.

Everyone gets told to look for Vitamin E when buying creams. Jennifer Aniston told us so, Nicole Kidman too and Justin Bieber even sang a few high-strung chords about the E in the crèmes. We all like ourselves some Vitamin, but the real winner is an organic compound called urea. Urea has been somewhat of a star in modern medicine. It is no secret that dermatological products (skin care products) use the organic compound because it’s one of the best composites to promote skin hydration.

From skin creams to hair products, you name it; the heavily concentrated mixture packs a number of health benefits and treats issues like psoriasis, eczema, keratosis and much more. In fact, Urea is so good that it made it onto the world health organization list for essential medicines (Vitamin E is nowhere to be found on this list)

We only want the best for our customers, and that’s why our latest LUX30 foot moisturizer waived goodbye to Vitamin E and loaded up the formula with 30% highly concentrated organic urea to nourish your skin. The high concentration is perfect to treat conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and keratosis and very efficient on corns, callous, dry skin or cracked heels.

Recent medical studies have shown that Vitamin E not only provides no real benefit to skin care products but have zero impact on scar management and treatment.

Don’t waste your money on expensive skin care products with no real benefits and instead watch out for ACE Health Care’s LUX30 foot moisturizer packed with organic urea.

We did it so that you can do it too! Say goodbye to the E and welcome some U into your life!



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