5 ways to avoid tinea

5 ways to avoid tinea

In this blog we discuss 5 ways to avoid tinea. Tinea also known as athletes foot can be an annoying, itchy, red problem between your toes that is hard to shift. Let’s find out 5 ways we can avoid tinea and keep happy feet.

5 ways to avoid tinea

  1. Wearing Socks

Socks should be worn any time you are have inclosed footwear on. They act not only to stop friction but to wick away sweat. A moist, warm environment is tineas best friend so reducing the sweat will keep the tinea away. Certain sock materials are also better at wicking sweat. Bamboo or wool socks are the best for sweaty feet. This also means using a fresh clean pair of socks everyday as well.

2. Thongs in public showers and pools

The public pool or shower is most likely infested with tinea due to its damp environment and lots of bare feet. Making sure you wear thongs or shower shoes in this environment is important to avoid it.

3. Keeping for feet dry

Tinia loves warm wet dark places. Keeping your feet dry therefore is very effective way of keeping it to a minimum. If you have very sweaty feet consider changing your socks twice per day. Or, try using a potassium permanganate foot bath.

4. Avoid sharing towels

Towels can stay wet for a while. Therefore, if you have a tinea issue and lend it to somebody, they can contract the infection. If you have tinea keep your towels to yourself.

5. Use methylated spirt between toes

Sometimes toes overlap. They also seem to get further and further away as you get older. This makes it difficult to keep the space between your toes dry. If you have this issue, try dripping mythlated spirt between your toes. This helps dry out the skin and kill any infection that may be in there.

As we have already stated, tinea loves a moist environment. So making sure we dry well between our toes after the shower is important to keeping our feet happy. If you think you have an infection then go and see your friendly neighbourhood podiatrist.  

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