Home foot care tips for COVID-19

Home foot care tips

During the COVID-19 epidemic, life has been pretty tough on most of us. Staying in is defiantly the new going out. Seeing you’re podiatrist isn’t as easy as it used to be. Home foot care tips can help the time go by without urgently needing to see your podiatrist quite as urgently.

Use a good foot moisturizer

Of course, we are going to recommend our foot moisturizer. In reality, though you can use any good foot cream. The high concentration urea within the moisturizer means the better the cream is. Urea is the main ingredient that adds moisture back into the skin. It also helps prevent as much hard skin, callus and corn formation.

Foot sander

Grab yourself a foot callous file/sander. Anything to help keep your heels smooth, and prevent cracks.

Cutting your nails

This might sound simple but there and many people that struggle to do this. Lacking mobility, being high risk for infections or having diabetes. For these clients, I would always recommend seeing a podiatrist. For the others. Follow the shape of the nail when cutting. (don’t cut parallel along the top). Leave a little bit of nail so that you do not cut yourself. If you have an ingrown nail try to get to see a podiatrist. If you really cant. Bathe the nail In warm salt water every other day. The rest of the time use betadine and apply a sterile dressing, keeping it on and dry the rest of the time.

Heel splits

If you have left it too late and you have splits within your heels here are a few tips. he first one is to apply super glue. Apply some betadine beforehand, and then apply super glue to close the wound.

The next tip is to apply rigid sports tape. Again apply betadine, then using sports tape pull the wound back together. The 3rd way is to apply a strong foot moisturizer, wrap your heels in glad wrap, the keep a sock and shoe on. Keep doing this for as long as you need to the wounds to heel.

Wear enclosed shoes and socks

This keeps your feet clean, infection-free, reduces damage and reduces dry skin. What’s not to like? It’s not as hot anymore so there’s no excuse. Just make sure your shoes are big enough and don’t rub causing corns.


So there it is. Our awesome Home foot care tips. There’s no excuse not to have perfect feet this COVID-19. Just remember. Podiatrists are still open and are an essential service.

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