The best foot cream / moisturiser

What makes the best foot cream / moisturiser

The best foot cream / moisturiser is not just the one with the best effects. Its the one that you use. 10% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Finding a moisturiser that you like and enjoy is something hard. Especially with foot creams / moisturiser, Even with the best ones. Thye leave the skin oily and greasy. They smell funny, they feel weird, they look horrible. Not only that but a lot of them don’t have any real active ingredients. Just using some sort of oil isn’t enough to make a big effect. They are advertised to be put on hands, feet and face. If they say this it means that they are not foot specific, and won’t have the best effect.

The skin

The skin on the soles of our feet contains more fat cells in its innermost layer (the subcutis) than in most other parts of the body. This is because our feet need extra padding and shock absorption. They bear three times a human’s body weight with every step and are frequently subjected to manual pressures such as rubbing from tight or poorly fitting shoes or from lots of walking or running.

Despite their extra padding, excessive rubbing can damage skin’s barrier function and lead to dry skin and ultimately to calluses and corns. Calluses and corns are thickened areas of skin that usually occur on the soles and heels and are roughly round in shape. They press into the deeper layers of skin and can be painful.

The epidermis (the outermost layers of skin) is thicker on our feet than on other parts of our body –normally at around 0.1mm in total, it ranges between 1-5mm on the soles of the feet. Thats over 10x the thickness. When the skin on our feet is exposed to prolonged pressure and friction, callus production increases and the epidermis becomes thick and hard, a condition known as hyperkeratosis.

What do I need?

This is why The best foot cream / moisturiser contain a healthy amount of urea. In colder climates where people where more enclosed shoes, the lower the urea content needed. The hotter the climate and the more open toe shoes. In a climate such as australia 30% urea is wanted to have a good effect.

This is why our Luxe30 is so good. Foot specific with 30% urea, coconut scent and non greasy.

What it is:

A podiatrists designed, coconut oil-infused, one-step wonder that repairs, protects and hydrates dry skin on the feet and areas of psoriasis and eczema.

What it does:

With its smooth, non-greasy finish, locks in moisture, soothes and hydrates for on-the-go beauty, and is jam-packed with anti-ageing and hydrating benefits. Say goodbye to cracks and callous.

Purchase it here.

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