Why do I get corns and hard skin? What can I do about it?

Why do I get corns and hard skin? What can I do about it?

Many people will be asking themselves ‘Why do I get corns and hard skin? What can I do about it?’

Foot corns and callous are cause from regions of high pressure. This is why you would get corns or callous in the arch of your feet.

Foot Corns are focal areas of these areas of pressure. The corns can form a cone shape that goes into the skin of the foot. The corn can feel like a needle sticking into the foot causing pain.  Corns can be dangerous long term as they can cut off the blood supply to the area, cause ulceration, and result in nerve attachments.

Callous is caused from a general area of pressure, it is a hard layer of skin that forms over the foot. Callous can become extremely uncomfortable and can again long term cut off blood flow causing ulceration and breakdown of skin. When the callous gets too thick in some areas the skin can split causing & Cracked Heels and fissures. These & Cracked Heels can easily get infected and cause more problems.  & Cracked Heels can be extremely painful and interfere with your everyday life.

There are a few main ways to help prevent and reduce this risk of corns and callous – 

1.    Make sure your shoe fits well – If your shoe is too tight and putting pressure. On toes then this can cause callous and corns.

2.    Wear good enclosed shoes – supportive shoes can help redistribute pressure and provide padding so that the hard skin does not form.  Enclosed shoes also prevent your feet from drying out as much to help stop the callous from cracking.

3.    Use foot specific moisturiser – foot moisturisers help prevent callous build-up, where are normal moisturizers ‘rejuvenate skin’ which promotes skin growth. The higher concentration urea the stronger the moisturiser. We recommended 30% for the Australian climate.

4.    Orthotics – Orthotics are not just for injured feet. But they can also be used to help re-distribute pressure. This results in less callous formation.

5.    Circulation – Keep active and keep your circulation to its maximum. The better your circulation the quicker you recover. That’s why you only start to get them as you get older. 

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