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Erin Papadopoulos – Yea Podiatry Clinic

Yes, I received the samples and have been trying the LUXE30 this past week. I absolutely love the product and feedback has been great from my clients (they’ve all been getting a LUXE30 foot massage post treatment!)

Erin Papadopoulos
Yea Podiatry Clinic

Danielle Bel – Active Physiotherapy Mackay

I have found the invisible orthotic very useful. The low profile heel means I’m not slipping up in my shoes and the softness is well tolerated on my lack of arches even for 33km hikes!

Danielle Bel
Active Physiotherapy Mackay

Florence – Performance Podiatry Sydney

Hope you’re well! We are loving our coconut foot cream btw!

Performance Podiatry Sydney

Claire Farquharson – Podiatrist, Footmaster

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been using this foot cream from @ace_healthcare and let me tell you!! It not only feels lovely on my skin, but smells delish!!

Claire Farquharson

Mike Luker – Podiatrist, Ace Health Centre

Finally a product that our clients enjoy using rather than one they have to use. The cream smells and looks great and the insoles are so handy for women who want to wear a lifestyle shoe.

Mike Luker
Ace Health Centre
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